Tender commitments Audit

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Control of how Agency executes its commitments, undertaken during the tender process.

Media Audit Institute provides a service Tender commitments Audit for the protection of the advertiser from hidden nonobservance of the tender commitments by their agencies, on the basis of which these agencies were selected winners in the tender. This service is most relevant for advertising on TV and online advertising due to the complexity of the financial terms offered by the sellers.
Working regularly with shop-lists of TV channels and commercial offers from online merchants, auditors of the Media Audit Institute familiar with all the bonuses, seasonal, volume and other discounts to be tracked at every media plan approval, according to the conditions of the tender. We monitor the exact implementation of commitments to mix the channels by the media agency, prime’s share, declared affinitive etc. where non-compliance on the part of the agency may cause the actual overpayment on the part of the advertiser.
As a part of the service Tender commitments Audit, Media Audit Institute also recommends a system of fines and bonuses, which will stimulate the implementation of the indicators that Agency pointed in the tender.

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