Media Continuous Improvement Programme (MCIP)

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Our Media Continuous Improvement Programme (MCIP) supports the advertiser in ensuring ongoing improvement in media planning and buying efficiencies.

We achieve this by iterating a cycle that identifies efficiencies, evaluates effectiveness, evolves performance and incorporates feedback.

By analysing schedules, contracts and processes, we pinpoint suboptimal elements. We then construct and put into practice achievable corrective and preventative plans to reduce and eliminate them.

Small regular improvements are less likely to require major capital investment than major process changes. Whilst you might get a giant leap in efficiency by changing agencies, the disruption and time taken to achieve this can outweigh the gains. Working in incremental continuous steps rather than giant leaps enables us to generate the same long term effect but without the disruption and cost.

Our MCIP product can take many forms and is developed bespoke for each client. We might set up a continuous evaluation of media buying performance or we might implement assessments of execution accuracy by looking closely at a certain percentage of your purchases. The latter is crucially important given the lack of 100% geographical and continuous monitoring coverage by research agencies. We work with you to compile a list of regular checks and revisions that best fit your media planning and buying processes and that will achieve the desired result of continuously improving media efficiency and effectiveness.

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