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Do you want to know that your money is being deployed efficiently by your media planning and buying agency?

You should do this by assessing expenditure regularly. Media space is the single largest cost for many advertisers. It needs to be audited with the same diligence as other major cost items on the balance sheet.

Respecting global auditing standards and guidelines set by the World Federation of Advertisers, the Media Audit Institute gives an independent assessment of media buying performance.

Our professional high calibre staff have deep media expertise that allows advertisers to evaluate expenditure made on their behalf with objectivity, confidentiality and clarity.

Our work consists but is not limited by the following:

  • We check actual deliveries by the media agency of the best possible buying conditions in terms of cost, quality, and with respect to agreed strategic and tactical specifications.
  • We assess the clarity and compliance of the various financial streams that make up the media buying process. This includes invoicing, payments, bonuses and discounts.
  • We check whether the media companies executed orders accurately in terms of the agreed speciļ¬cations, including prices, units, dates, sizes and positions.

We also advise on the competency of agency personnel, how available media research and tools are used by the agency, we evaluate of work processes according to best practice, agency compensation systems and agency KPIs.

At the advertiser’s request, we can conduct specific audits of any activity related to the media buying process.

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