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Consultations in the areas adjacent to the media, aimed to improve the effectiveness of media planning and buying.

Media Audit Institute provides the following services in the field of marketing communication, which improve the effectiveness of media planning and buying.

  • Consultations on the media budget formation on the basis of objective business goals of advertiser. As the Media Audit Institute does not make media planning, placement or buying, we are ready to give an objective and impartial recommendations as to what should be the media budget and what media channels should be used, based on the market situation and business objectives of advertiser.
  • Consultations on assessing the effectiveness of advertising materials – TV commercials and Internet banners. Media Audit Institute will offer an effective KPI system that will evaluate the effectiveness of every advertising video on TV and / or banner advertising on the Internet. The constant desire to improve the efficiency of advertiser’s promotional materials leads eventually to decrease of media investments in effective advertising communication.
  • Analysis of communication advertising market in an advertiser segment. Media Audit Institute has all the necessary researches and has sufficient expertise to analyze advertising and communication market including such areas as the analysis of media placements, the size of advertising investment players in the market, analyst of the communications brand messages to the market, etc.

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