Internet communications Audit.

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Monitoring, benchmarking and auditing the effectiveness of advertising in the Internet.

Audit of Internet communications is a key service of the Media Audit Institute, taking into account the rapid growth of Internet communications in all markets.
An approach to Internet communications audit developed by the MAI allows to fully assessing the future, current or placed campaign and fix the fact of advertising realized, which is an important element of success in the market, as there is no complete reliable monitoring of internet communications.
Audit Internet services includes the following audit tasks:

  • comparison of price conditions at the IMA (pool data). This will determine how the level of advertiser discounts corresponds to the market;
  • effectiveness assessment of an advertising campaign in the Internet of 6 criteria for success methodology;
  • assigned the special audit code to each banner before starting an advertising campaign that can reliably establish the actual placement of banner advertising. This service has been developed in an exclusive partnership with a leading researcher on the Internet communications market – Gemius company.

Media Audit Institute will also show how the agency effectively uses all the researches and the tools available on the Internet communications market.

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